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Managing Products

Converting Shop Gifts to Bundles/Creating New Shop Gifts.

There are two steps to creating a product bundle with variations:

  1. Create the gift variations as bundles
  2. Group them so that they are sizes of a variation bundle (Small, Deluxe, etc)

How to create gift variations as bundles

Please check out the example bundle, here.

First, Duplicate the existing Shop Gift and change the name of the copy to be the variable bundle

Then, Change the product type from “Variable” to “Product Bundle”

Add the items for that variation just as you would for BaB. The items for each variation bundle will be different depending on the size or the variation you are creating.

Since you duplicated the original product, variation bundles will contain the same categories and tags of the original. To prevent them from appearing on the Shop Gifts page individually, remove the old categories and tags and put the variation bundles under their own category.

Finally, save the new bundle.

How to create a variation bundle?

At the end of each existing Shop Gifts variable product, there is now a field called “Variation Bundle”, where you can assign your bundle to that variation.

Then, be sure to remove the old variation you just replaced in your product.

To test, add the variation to an order. If it is working, you will be able to see a list of the items that the variation contains.

Hiding BaB Items for customers

You can hide items from BaB but keep them in the BaB product bundle interface by:

  1. Go to Products
  2. Filter product type by “Simple Products” and any other criteria you want like “chocolate”
  3. Select all that you want to hide.
  4. Go to Bulk Actions > Edit
  5. Add ‘Hidden Items’ category.
  6. Uncheck any other category such as “Foodie” or “Lifestyle”
  7. Update

This will be faster and more efficient than keeping multiple product bundles up to date.

Revealing BaB Items for customers

  1. Go to Products
  2. Filter product type by “Simple Products” and category by “Hidden Items”
  3. Select all that you want to reveal.
  4. Go to Bulk Actions > Edit
  5. Remove ‘Hidden Items’ category.
  6. Check BaB category such as “Foodie”, “Alcoholic” or “Lifestyle”
  7. Update

How to Change Order of Gift Sets on Shop Gifts Page

These instructions are still valid now that variations are set as product bundles

  1. Go to Products on dashboard
  2. Filter by Product Type and choose Variable Products
  3. Click Filter button
  4. The gift sets will be displayed, but they may not be in the order shown on the website
  5. Click Sorting button (fig 1)
  6. The order will change to the order shown on the website
  7. Click and drag products
  8. When you release the mouse button, the order will be automatically saved. You don’t have to press a save button anywhere.
(fig 1) Sorting Button

Managing Orders

How to Create an Order

  1. Create customer
    1. Login
    2. Go to Users > Add New on sidebar
    3. Enter customer Billing information
    4. You may add additional emails here
    5. Change Role to ‘Customer’
  2. Create order
  3. Add items
    1. Scroll to item area
    2. Click ‘Add Item(s)’ (fig 1)
    3. From buttons that appear, click ‘Add Product’
    4. Search for product
    5. Add address in custom meta
  4. Add Shipping
    1. Add shipping in order of gifts
    2. Click ‘Add Item’
    3. Click ‘Add Shipping’
    4. Select shipping type
  5. Save your changes
    1. Click Update at upper right of page (fig 3)
  6. Send order for payment
    1. Go to Order Actions in upper right area of Order edit window
    2. Select “Email invoice/order details to customer” (fig 2)
    3. Customer receives an email with a payment link and order details
    4. When customer pays, GlowGift receives an email confirmation.
  7. Print Invoice for Packing
    1. Go to ‘Order Printing’ section on lower right of window (fig 4)
    2. Click ‘Print Delivery Note’
    3. Can be printed from button on ‘Orders’ page, also.
  8. Ship gifts


  1. Edit order to be refunded
  2. Change order status to “Refunded”
  3. Click ‘Update’
  4. The next time that OneSAAS syncs, it will pull the refund through to Quickbooks.

How to Manually Synch Transactions with Quickbooks

  1. Be sure your Quickbooks account is added to the OneSAAS user list.
  2. Log into Quickbooks account for GlowGift
  3. Click Apps on sidebar menu, then click the ‘My Apps’ tab at the top
  4. Click the dropdown menu by OneSAAS logo and select ‘Launch’
  5. Click ‘Synch Now’ button
(fig 1) Click ‘Add Item(s)’
(fig 2) Select “Email invoice/order details to customer”
(fig3 ) Click Update at upper right of page
(fig 4) Go to ‘Order Printing’ section on lower right of window

How can I remove the title from a page?

You can do this by editing the page and going to Document > Attributes > Page Template in the righthand sidebar. 

Please Note: Removing the page title will hurt that page’s SEO, so we recommend you do this only for landing pages.

How can I change IMPORTANT note at top of Build A Box alcoholic items?

You can now manage through Admin area > Theme Options > Build Box Block > Note for Alcoholic Items. 
I’ll add to help page.

How to send a note to a customer

Find “Add note” field at bottom of “Order notes” section of order window.

Type your note.

When you click “Add” the email is sent to the customer.

How to change address information


  1. Log in
  2. Go to Theme Options > Footer Block
  3. Change in the Footer Options Address field

Contact Page

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Pages and edit Contact page
  3. Change in page block

Export form results to Excel


API integration service that connects WooCommerce to Quickbooks.